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Monday, June 10, 2019

#5 of the Altered Book RR

This theme was Vintage Sewing and is done in a Vintage Sewing instruction book ...

guess this isn't really Vintage but it just kept saying I need to go in this book ... so I put it in the book!

This has lots of Vintage items ... the right side spread is a diamond cutout with an "S" stencil covered in pattern paper, then adhered over the cutout so you can see the other side as well ... the German thread spool is attached to the side of the page

This side you can see more of the cutout ... and then the right side is the finish of the 3-page spread with real zipper and some snaps 

Monday, May 06, 2019

Altered File Folder - start to finish

Yes I know I promised this a couple of months back BUT life got in the way ... so now I have deleted that post and this is one that goes from start to finish...

1. I used old manilla file folder with tabs but you can use any of them that don't have a plastic coating ... I took my spray inks and spray box out to the garage and did it up good ... I didn't like the splats it produced and didn't leave much solid coverage so I got a gauze rag I had and started kind of spreading the ink around ... I kind of splatted it also from my re-inker bottle ... I wanted an aged look, you could also do coffee spills, rings and such ... then spray for a more antique look

OH, I have used several images of folders they are NOT of the same folder going thru all the stages ... as always click on the image to enlarge

2. Then take the dry folder to the paper cutter and cut it in half ... yes only one side will have a tab unless you happened to use the folder with the middle tab

3. Now take these to your craft sewing machine and sew around the edges so you make a pocket out of the 1/2 folders ... I chose to use zig-zag and straight stitches ... because the bottom was a fold I didn't stitch around that and I left long strings on both ends for my stitches ... then I did the edges with more ink

4. I pulled out things I thought would make me happy and started arranging them to please my eye and glued them down to the front of the folder ... I ended up making 4 of them they are so much fun to make and I used up lots of my extras from other projects ... I put a long envelope that I cut the end off of and put a notch in it to have a place for other things, down first then built on that ... 

Now go make some that you can enjoy .... oh the lady that is on all of them happens to be from a deck of cards I got several years ago from ArtChix and not sure you can get them anymore ... 

#4 of the Altered Book RR

This theme was "where do you go" someplace to recharge your body or soul ... so I did the woods and walks in the wildflowers and my art studio to recharge body and soul ...

#3 in the Altered Book RR

This theme was City Skylines, she did not specify if they were to be modern or not so I did an old one of London and a recent one of Singapore ... her book was quite fragile and already broken away from the spine so I didn't do any 3D effects and left a small margin in the ditch so she could cut them out and use as tip-ins if she chooses to ... these are printed on Avery Clear full page labels, I always love being able to see the print of the book itself

London about 1760

Singapore present day, I did do a thin pop up of the building on the right and left so they stood out more and didn't get lost in the print of the book

Monday, March 18, 2019

#2 Altered Book in the RR

this book theme was "Once Upon a Time" or "Fantasy Land" .... we are to come up with our own interpretations of this theme ... so I did Elves learning things, Take what you need and She got tired of waiting for her White Knight and took on the world on her own

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Starting a new Altered Book Round Robin

The last one was 2017 so I am more than ready to do another ... love this group that does this the lady that organizes it keeps us in line on working in the books and mail out dates ... I have done these for several years with her and they work like a dream ....

This is my book and I am about to send it on to the first recipient can't wait to get my first book so I can work on it ... oh my book doesn't have it's finished cover yet, I am putting some fragile things and 3D thing on the front so I will do that when it is finished ...

Friday, December 07, 2018

Christmas Cards

ok here are some others that I am just now getting around to posting ...

Some cards made in Nov.

Life has really been getting in the way of my fun ... these are a few of the cards made in November that I am just now getting posted ... I think there were others but I didn't get photos of them before they were sent ...

wish upon a star, may all your wishes come true!!!

thankful for so much especially family ...

could be birthday card or anything ...

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Journal for Trip to Ireland

The journal is finished but I haven't had time to get photo's printed and fill in all the wonderful things we saw and did on the trip ... so I may post this again will all the things in place ....