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Sunday, September 17, 2017

I think it's time to make some cards ...

These I can use for Birthday, Get Well, Thank You, Just Because .... I need more of this type since my supply is running low ....

I forgot to mention that the backgrounds are made with the Distressed Oxide Inks, kind of fun to work with ...

A few more Christmas Cards

Think I am thru designing and just need to settle on one to do several cards ...

This one was fun to do ... after cutting out the Tim Holtz tree trunks thinlette die I got out one of his stencils that reminded me of snow falling and did some embossing paste with it and dusted "Distressed Rock Candy" glitter and gently pressed it into the paste ... let that dry and drug my "Faded Jeans" distress ink onto my falling snow embossing folder then embossed a white cardstock for the background ... when all was dry I mounted them onto a silver cardstock card

Monday, September 11, 2017

It is again 9-11

so again I am posting that we never forget the tragedy that happened this day and the people we all lost ......

Monday, August 28, 2017

Now it's time to start Christmas cards

These are a few I have done so far ... simple and fun ...

Seventh Altered Book of this RR

This is our last book of 2017 RR .... this one was something I had a bit of a problem with because her theme was "Favorite line for Favorite Book" ... well I have many books and lines to chose from but difficulty picking ones ... I ended up picking Gone with the Wind but had a problem with just one line so .... this is what I did for it .... told you I had a problem picking just one ..... lol

now the next spread was easier ... it's "Romeo and Juliet" but still had a problem with just one line .... so

Sixth Altered Book in this RR

Well we are getting close to being finished and I will miss doing these ... this lady chose "Victorian" as her theme and I chose to do "Hats of the World" and "Ladies that Lunch"

Fifth Altered Book in this RR

Her theme was "Pocket full of" ... whatever you wanted ... mine are flowers and butterflies ...

Monday, June 19, 2017

Fourth Altered Book in this RR

Her theme was the Jungle and I love that so it was pretty easy for me ... I went to the Amazon where the beautiful birds are then to Africa where the Great Silverback Gorillas are ... it was so much fun to make the birds fly off the page and the Silverback to look like he is coming out to get you ... LOL

Third Book in this RR

Her theme was "Little Black Dress" ... I just couldn't resist using designs of great costume designer Edith Head ... then I decided to have lots of little black dresses on sewing dummy's ...

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Second Book in RR

ok I have now finished book 2 of this Round Robin ... the theme was "Face Off" but not as extreme as the TV program ...

This one is Mother Nature and her Fairy helpers - my drawn faces

This one is Beauty in Simplicity - done with Tim Holtz crayons and Inks

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Another Altered Book Round Robin

this is the first one I have worked in ... I forgot to take photo's of my book before I sent it off so that will come in August or September ... but as I complete my work in each of the other books I will post them ... this theme was "A pocket full of" so I did a pocket full of posies and a pocket made form a hankie full of butterflies ....

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

One more Fall ...

I am running behind in my card making hopefully I will be able to get it together in Oct. .... LOL

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Working on Fall ...

Making a very simple card but getting a pretty good punch out of colors of Fall ...

my interpretation of one I saw on Pinterest 

Sunday, September 11, 2016

We MUST never forget ...

this horrible day in our recent history ..... 

where the twin towers once stood

Friday, September 09, 2016

Monday, September 05, 2016

I have been playing around

Got some Tim Holtz Crayon's and I have been playing with them ... these are some samples (I stapled them to papers that have the technique on them) ... they are not card fronts but I will be doing some as card fronts .... I didn't enjoy doing all of these but there are some I am sure I will over and over again ...

this is crayon gesso fresco - the yellow, green and red one is the way Tim does it but the purple, blue and yellow is my way ... which I will do again and again

this is crayon micro glaze resist

this is ink micro glaze resist, I like this better I think

this is crayon, texture smudging 

this is crayon water coloring with ink and water splats ... I LOVE this one I can finally do water coloring ... I am so heavy handed that I have never been able to get a water color effect but this way I can ... I will be using this lots

this is crayon textured resist ... I kind of like this one also so I will probably be doing it again

this is crayon layered coloring ... not so sure I did it well or will do it again much

this is an ink over ink technique but I did crayon smudge over ink kind of looks like faux pastel ... I stamped in white ink then stamped in color ink then accented in crayon and smudged that ... I like it lots so will be doing more of that and as you can see I turned this one into a card ...

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Started some Christmas cards

Yes it's getting way to close to not start these .... 

This is one of three post I did today so I think I am caught up now ... I am going to play with some of the Tim Holtz Crayons so we will see what that looks like in a few days

Box project - large and small

This was lots of fun and probably one of the reasons because I got to use the new G45 paper, gel mediumed the paper onto the box that had been gessoed the decorated with fun stuff ... oh yes used Tim's knobs and I don't remember where I got the key plate from it was a long time ago ...

both outside

close up

inside both lids ... I did fussy cutting on the big lid images and raised them with pop dots, the little one is just the raised Elephant to cover the screw head

well shoot ... this is upside down but I don't see the option to rotate ... on my computer it's right side up and in my photo software it's right side up ... anyway it's the inside bottom of both boxes ... there is no denominational things in the bottom so I can actually use these ... they are in my bathroom 

Catch up Post

Gee it's been quite a while since I posted so guess I will do several photo's of projects today ... I will start with the spoon flower with fork stamens ... using the blow torch and shaping the white spoons and fork then I used Tim Holtz Alcohol ink to color the stamens ... all glued to a canning lid ...

and some of the cards I did back before the previous posts ... 

French knot flowers

just fun colorful card

Printed on canvas then sewn on to gel mediumed and phone book pulled paper

Friday, June 24, 2016

Altered Cigar Box with G45 paper

ok now you get to see the cigar box I altered for a swap with the same online group ...

I call it "The Artist Box"

I did lots of gold leafing on this project which I haven't done in years, using gold leaf scraps from many colors ... it helped tie all the different hardware I used together nicely