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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finished the Mobile for Nursery

ok the colors don't come up quite right with my camera today so just think lime and lavender with a little clear, white, cream and pink ........ click to enlarge

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Went to an Art Retreat in Grapevine

An online group I am in has an art retreat each year for 4 days, it's such fun getting together and laughing and creating art ..... the theme this year was GIRLFRIENDS ... anyway these are some photo's of the projects we did ..... the corsage on the front was one of the small projects then the book was the big project (I am only posting 4 of the 7 spreads) and then we did a German glass edged slide that went into the book (the lady that showed us how to do it gave us each one with our name on it and I put mine on the front of my book), the back has some of the stuff from the weekend - my bunny slipper tag, a large decorated tickets for entrance to a party one night (we all decorated these tickets and then blind drew them after the event and I got this super one) .... we made an autograph book and each of us signed it , I am posting the front cover ... we also made this wonderful little pin nib butterfly and the background is Glimmer Mist .... and then this AWESOME wand was a drawing prize and I won .... enjoy .....

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

28 weeks today or 7 months for us old ones

well this is what I have been spending all my time doing lately ..... expecting a first Grand baby is so exciting I am sure each one will be but since this is our first I will have to wait to know ..... the nursery is still in progress .... the window is missing it's shelf rod to drape the swags and hold pretties, the rocking chair, in which the baby's Great Grandfather's rocked her mother and her uncle, corner is missing the chandelier; the changing table wall (which there is no photo this time is missing the shelf above it and the curved changing pad and the pretties for the shelf; the crib wall is missing the shelf above it (these shelves are antique from the baby's Great Grandparents mantel of there home) and the things that will go on it .... the colors didn't come out good in all the photos but the walls are lavender, the shears and recovered the rocker and stool (we did these) are soft lime, the black design on the walls I cut with the Cricut in vinyl and it was sooooo easy to adhere to the walls ... I will post more photos when it get finished ....