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Friday, April 30, 2010

Here is the other wire necklace

Ok got the 2nd one finished ..... they still don't look nearly as good as Deryn's but they are better than my other attempts ... Deryn says I must practice, practice, practice ..... click to enlarge

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wire jewelry

ok I have always wanted to do a better job on my wire jewelry work and at Shady Ladies Retreat I had a chance to learn form one of the BEST ..... Deryn Mentock .... she taught me a few tricks that will help me BIG time thanks Deryn ...... this is one I finished today, that I started with her, the diamond glaze isn't quite dry therefore a cloudy appearance of the wings .... it hangs on a sari silk chain ..... click to enlarge

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shady Ladies was GREAT

Report on the first Shady Ladies Art Retreat ....
Jeri is our word smith and so I have snagged her post on the Retreat and copied it to mine ..... but these are my photos, I was just having to much fun to take any of the rest of the goings on ....

the retreat began on Friday evening with most of the teachers getting together to meet each other and go over information - of course we shared a bit of wine & cheese and much fun conversation.  Our special guests for the weekend were Rice Freeman-Zachary and her husband, photographer, Earl Zachary.  Both were a delight and added so much to the retreat!  You should have seen me trying to ignore Earl's camera when we needed a "face shot" of me.
The teachers were Kari McKnight-Holbrook (painting & clay), Deryn Mentock (jewelry), Magdalena Muldoon (metal embossing), Linda Findley (altered book), and me with bookmaking and shadowboxes.  It was truly a fun fun time.
During the afternoon on Saturday we had a glass bead making demo by Peg McLarnan -
On Saturday evening after a busy busy day of classes we had a Texas barbeque by the pool - you can do tht  in central Texas towards the end of April!  The food was good with the exception of my cold beans - oh well, there is always next year!  Everyone was friendly and I don't think anyone was left out - if we saw someone sitting by themselves, someone in the crowd would go join them (if they wanted privacy they did not get it - lol).
Saturday night we had "Let's Mingle At The Marketplace" - what fun to get to mingle will all of the attendees and there were some make & takes and the teachers sold their wares.
Sunday was another class filled day.  Later in the afternoon , attendees and some of the teachers began  saying their good-bye's and left.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Read my Interview

I have been honored by BlogInterviewer.com and would love for you to read the interview ... just click here and you will be sent straight to the interview, I am second one down ....... thanks again Mike of BlogInterviewer.com .... IF you want to vote me in as a BEST blog just click the "vote now" button close to the top of my interview on the left side ... thanks Linda

Monday, April 05, 2010

More with Tim Holtz dies

it seems like I can only get cards made right now ... maybe I can experiment more in a couple of months ... until then hope you like looking at cards ........