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Monday, May 28, 2007

Cloth-Paper-Scissors magazine recipe card swap

This is a favorite family recipe for Congo Squares (similar to chocolate chip cookies but better) anyway the swap rules say you use your recipe and then embellish it and put it into a vinyl casing with floaters .... my floaters are a small domino and a 1959 penny ... I started making this recipe back then for the family, Mom & Dad's 42 game sessions and family reunions .... the guys in our family make these also and it's over 50 years of tired and true and this is a copy of the original card I wrote for myself back in 1959 ...... I thought this was a fun project and wanted to share the idea with you

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Goldbettyboop said...

As someone who loves genealogy I am well impressed with this, I love to see and hear of things that have been handing down through generations and what a novel way of sharing this with yor family....Wicked!