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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

RubberStampMadness Article Nov/Dec 2007

Rubber Stamp Madness gave me permission to put this on the web so more could read how to create these effects .... click on the images to get larger so you can read them .... Linda


Autumn said...

Wow! Linda, chit is a great feature for you. Zia was at the show here in September and I got to watch something similar to this in person. Very neat. My biggest congratulations and hats off!!
~ Autumn

Susan said...

Linda, Congratulations on your article! It was hard to read a few of the pages online so I will be looking for the mag to buy. Still haven't seen it yet. Great job - love the colorwashed pieces.
Susan T

Pearl Maple said...

How exciting !
Thanks for sharing the information on line, lots of creative ideas there.