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Friday, August 07, 2009

Fairy Mirror

I am home nursing a badly sprain ankle and today I decided I wanted off the bed and couch so I came into the studio and the Fairy's told me to make a mirror for M&M's (that's what we are calling our little miracle granddaughter that will be born VERY soon) bedroom ..... so here it is ..... click to enlarge


Autumn said...

SUPER sorry to hear of your injury! What's up with everybody lately?! Boy, hope you are doing OK and that creating for a few helped at least nurse your soul. The mirror is a wonder! Your idea should be sold nationally. :)

Susan said...

Sorry about your ankle - stay off it and try to recover before that little one arrives! Love the mirror!

Robin said...

Yes, please do take care of yourself my dear...especially before the little one arrives! Your mirror is just perfect...a reflection of the creator:)

carylsrealm said...

Linda, this is beautiful! I love it!