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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ok new Studio/Study

this is soooooo much smaller than the other house and I now have to share the space with DH and Genealogy so here it is ... oh you can see some things still stacked on the floor and they need to find a home and I won't even show you the closet yet cause it still looks a mess that will come later .... oh and you notice I didn't even take a photo of my work surface cause it's a mess still too .... ok they didn't load correctly so the 4th & 5th one go before the 1st one (that is if you want to see the correct 360 view) ... oh I owe a HUGE thanks to my niece Phyllis for hanging my shelves especially the ones in the corner that hold my ribbons and a HUGE thanks to my son-in-law for building the desk and hanging some of the black shelves not to mention all the other things he has helped us with here ... I want to thank all for helping so much, the list is Matthew our Network specialist, Marcus our muscle and software specialist, Heather, Leita & Phyllis for moving, packing, unpacking and helping put things in place .... I owe you lots, just remember what I always say "what goes around comes around" so maybe someone will help you in your OLD age ..... ;-D ... Linda


Robin said...

Wonderful new studio Linda! Can't wait to see you creating again.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think you have done a marvelous job with the space you have. I totally understand how hard it must have been, but I'm sure you will have it all straightened out soon.

Sounds like lots of helpers made it more manageable, too.

Dianne said...

It may be small but you've done a great job of using all your space. Enjoy!!

Susan said...

I love your new space. You have it so organized! Soon you'll be arting away.

Halle said...

The new studio looks fantastic! My DD was asking me if she could have her brother's room just this morning...to which I said ..."when he goes to college." Which then got me dreaming of her room as a studio with LIGHT...NATURAL LIGHT!!!! :)

Coleen said...

Fun to see other's studios. I have some pix of mine on my blog too. Following you now. Come visit my blog and I'd love it if you followed there.

Coleen Franks, an American in Ukraine

Autumn said...

It is a very different space, but if I saw it in a magazine I would think "that could be Linda's!" LOL! It seems as though you've made the absolute best use of every nook and the wall height. I went from a tiny room to more than double and after over 5 years I've crammed back into less than 1/2 of it because I like the coziness. So just enjoy having all of your supplies within arms reach. Beautiful space, so happy for you.