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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

I spent a few hours

making more cards ... I know seems like that about all I do these days ... maybe there will be something bigger on the way .... I hope .... click to enlarge


Susan said...

Lovely cards. Sometimes it doesn't matter what we create as long as we are creating!

Brenda said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for coming by my blog today, that was so nice of Cindy to show you some of my cards. It's always once one leaves or is about to leave that one discovers other artists literally living around the corner! Love your style, unfortunately I am totally unable to do anything in this style, I have tried, but clean and simple seems to come more naturally to me. Say hi to Cindy for me, although her and I try to chat on Skype now. Hugs, Brenda.

La Donna Welter said...

Sooooo wonderful to hear from you! Thanks for stopping by!

Any classes planned for the fall (think I would love to attend one of yours)!?! I am learning that I can use stamps in so many new ways!

Hugs to a walking buddy!