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Friday, July 24, 2015

Forest - Woodland Book

Ok this is in the style of Nina Bagley from years ago ... I have always loved this style but only not got around to making my book ... hopefully you can click on the photo to enlarge them if you wish ...

I was going to make wired-beaded connections for all of the book but the arthritis in my hands wouldn't let me so I did a big mix or styles 

this it the front all of the pages/book covers I used are different sizes and I bound the very small book to the larger one with chamois and elastic band to the door knob

the brass butterflies and fairies and fairy house in the trunk of the tree is what I love about these pages, there is a butterfly wing in the little glass case under the sitting fairy

these pages are all about the deer that live in the forest, on the left side I used a transparency that I heated the edges to make it curl and give it more dimension 

these are more about the forest leaves, the page with the FOREST letters is actually an envelope pocket, and the leaves with copper butterflies I made from clear acrylic and leaf tapestry is also a pocket page with the tags of a fairy and mountain scene and Mr. Audubon that were made by friends in a tag exchange 

these are the last pages and devoted to the forest/woodlands in general and I made a earth stick that is wired to the side of the last page, there are beads and word drops also (they are made by using dictionary pages or music pages with wire and diamond glaze or crystal lacquer) 


Team Clark said...

Linda, Linda, Linda!!! Words fail me with expressing the coolness of your latest creation! But WOW! This is simply amazing, every single earthy detail. I love the layers of book covers and the binding, the earth stick and the load of transparencies. This book has "made by Linda" written all over it, would spot it a mile away! I am so happy that you found some time to create. You have really outdone yourself this time! HUGS!

Susan said...

AMAZING! Your book is fabulous! You outdid yourself. I so missed being at AG this year.