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Monday, September 05, 2016

I have been playing around

Got some Tim Holtz Crayon's and I have been playing with them ... these are some samples (I stapled them to papers that have the technique on them) ... they are not card fronts but I will be doing some as card fronts .... I didn't enjoy doing all of these but there are some I am sure I will over and over again ...

this is crayon gesso fresco - the yellow, green and red one is the way Tim does it but the purple, blue and yellow is my way ... which I will do again and again

this is crayon micro glaze resist

this is ink micro glaze resist, I like this better I think

this is crayon, texture smudging 

this is crayon water coloring with ink and water splats ... I LOVE this one I can finally do water coloring ... I am so heavy handed that I have never been able to get a water color effect but this way I can ... I will be using this lots

this is crayon textured resist ... I kind of like this one also so I will probably be doing it again

this is crayon layered coloring ... not so sure I did it well or will do it again much

this is an ink over ink technique but I did crayon smudge over ink kind of looks like faux pastel ... I stamped in white ink then stamped in color ink then accented in crayon and smudged that ... I like it lots so will be doing more of that and as you can see I turned this one into a card ...


Team Clark said...

WOW! What a load of amazing techniques and samples. Next time you need a card you will be ready to go with these as a guide! I do love your color choice on the top one. Hugs, Autumn

Susan said...

It's good to see you posting and acting again! Lots of fun techniques. I have one set of the crayons - still not sure if I like them or not. Have other products that I like better.