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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Last project of Play-day

We made lovely ornaments out of Mica & images .... I did a little extra by embossing on my Mica also ...... this was such a great idea Jeri came up with ... I am going to be making several of these this year .....


ScaryCheri said...

oh wow Linda, that is really gorgeous. That embossing really gives it POW. Well done. Hugz, Scary

Autumn said...

Linda, these are simply gorgeous. Did you cut out all of these little darlings or did you get them on a perforated sheet? Where? So glad you put all of this up, I needed an inspirational boost today!

jo capper-sandon said...

I think the embossing really sets the piece as finished...beautiful work Linda

Pearl Maple said...

Embossing sure finishes that peice off beautifully. How did you set the eyelet in the top?

Count me as one of the few that has a bit of mica but never really got around to doing much with it, thanks for the ideas.

catharinas-love said...

This is so beautiful , i am glad that i found your blog !!!
Rini from the Netherlands
I will try to make something with my mica soon .
My English is very bad i hope you can understand it ;o)))