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Monday, November 19, 2007

Red Rosin Paper - playing

Yesterday I went to my friend Kate's and we played with red rosin paper - the first time for both of us - she had been sent the paper by Elizabeth and we had discussed doing something similar to what Belinda had done .... so this is our results ..... Kate is in the process of trying to paper sculpt with it ..... I will let you know how that turns out ..... Oh the one on the far left is red rosin paper with nothing on it .... the others are metallic paint, some with white gesso put down first some with clear gesso put down first then some mixed with clear gesso and then the crinkled one was metallic paints and spray color washing .....

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Anonymous said...

I took a class from Lynne Perella once and she uses the red rosin paper. It was great because it's so tough and can take a lot of abusive, especially the constant sanding between layers of paint. It also held up well to the added moisture of paints and such. I loved the stuff.