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Monday, February 18, 2008

Want to put up my new banner

but Blogger is having problems with slider bars on the layouts so it will have to wait .... in the mean time you can see it here ..... Linda


Maija said...

It;s a beautiful banner, Linda!

Autumn said...

Linda, this is my favorite of your banners by far - just lovely!!! Pooh on Blogger!
;0 Autumn

Andrea Plotts said...

Your Blog makes my day!!! I travel weekly to your blog for inspiration and admiration from your wonderful creations!

Thanks for making my day!

Check-it-out: * http://AndreasWhimsy.blogspot.com *


Pearl Maple said...

Cool new banner, you are so brave to change them, it took so much work to set mines up the first time I am afraid to try anything else.

You make our day every time we log onto your blog. Thanks for sharing all the inspiration and creativity.

Lily Pepper said...

I love your new banner! Hope you can get it up soon. Sue

carylsrealm said...